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Thread Lift – The New Non-Surgical Face Lift in Dubai

Traditionally, surgical facelifts have been the go-to treatments for those looking to dramatically turn back the clock, many of which entail extensive recovery time, painful healing and the various risks that come with any surgical procedure.

Now a new cutting-edge, non-surgical option is quickly gaining popularity – the thread lift.

This non-surgical procedure has similar effects to a facelift with much less of the pain, cost, and disruption associated with surgery.


What problems do thread lifts tackle?

Thread lifts treat a variety of age-related conditions such as jowls, hollow and sagging cheeks, and deep wrinkles. It works to boost collagen production, thereby plumping, smoothing and tightening the face.


What exactly happens during a thread lift?

During a thread lift, Polylactic threads are pushed into the subcutaneous tissue. Polylactic acid is a naturally-occurring ingredient that helps stimulate collagen production and has been used in medical applications for over 25 years. Collagen production is caused by the breakdown of the threads, meaning results will start to take shape a few weeks after treatment.


What are the results like?

Following a thread lift, clients will at first notice a facial lift of 1-2cm. This will be followed by a rejuvenating effect six to eight weeks after treatment thanks to increased collagen production.


Who might a thread lift suit?

Thread lifts are a great option for those looking for an anti-ageing treatment that goes beyond topical creams but is not invasive like a traditional facelift.


Why is a thread lift superior to a face lift?

A thread lift is a much safer option than a facelift, as it does not come with the associated risks such as infection or adverse reactions to surgery. Indeed, the threads used in treatment are totally biodegradable and will be harmlessly absorbed by the body within ten to eleven months.


Thread lifts also represent a much more viable option for those with busy lives, as recovery time is only one to two days, and the procedure only takes around half an hour.


If you’re looking for a professional thread lift in Dubai, visit our aesthetic clinic in JLT.

For more information about our thread lift service and price, click here.

Call us on 04 443 2346 to book an appointment.

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