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PRP for hair loss: efficacy, safety and cost

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy utilises the rich plasma content of your own blood to promote the re-growth and maintenance of your hair.

PRP for hair loss

For those suffering from hair loss, PRP injections can replace vital tissue, increase blood supply to the follicle, and trigger new growth. In comparison to a full transplant, PRP treatments are simpler, quicker and cheaper.

What does it target?

PRP is an excellent alternative to a transplant for those suffering from hair loss. The platelets in our blood plasma are key to the repair of damaged blood cells and vessels, including those that supply blood to the follicles in our scalp. The plasma used in PRP carries the stem cells and growth factors needed to rejuvenate old tissue and generate its replacement. PRP can increase blood flow to the hair follicles, and thereby strengthen and thicken hair shafts over time.

Who should avoid PRP?

PRP treatments are not suitable for those on a program of blood thinners, heavy smokers, or anyone previously diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer.

What is the process?

After we’ve drawn your blood it is processed immediately to separate the red blood cells from both the plasma and platelet rich plasma. This separation takes place in a fast-spinning centrifuge. Once obtained from the mix, the gold-yellow PRP serum is placed in a syringe and injected via a small needle into those areas on the scalp where more growth is required. Typically, those choosing PRP therapy will undergo three treatments over a 4-6 week period. It’s also advised that patients have maintenance PRP treatments every 4-6 months for the best results.

Who should perform PRP?

Only a qualified and experienced skin specialist can perform PRP therapy. Our doctor, Dr. Abbas, is American Board Certified with a long record of performing PRP therapy sessions. He holds certifications from the Esthetic Academy in France, Dermo Aroma in Italy and the Iranian Association of General Surgeons.

Excellent value

PRP therapy is available now and starts at only AED 1,500 per treatment.

Book your consultation at our medical center in JLT, Dubai and consult with our doctor on what PRP can achieve for your hair loss.

Book your consultation online or get in touch with your reception by calling 04 433 2346.

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