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Is Fat Transfer the new facial filler?

There has been a long lost debate between dermal fillers and fat grafting or fat transfer as a face contouring treatment in the aesthetic industry for years together. Although fillers are the easier and widely preferred option, fat transfer has its own pros to look at. Let’s understand what are dermal fillers and the process of fat grafting.

What are Facial fillers?

Dermal fillers mostly consists of different compositions to help provide volume and reshape any part of the face. The most widely used dermal filler is Hyaluronic Acid filler which helps in rejuvenating your face. fillers can be used for under eye bags, saggy cheeks and chin, thin, flat lips, undefined jawline and also nose

reshaping (liquid rhinoplasty)

Are fillers safe for the body?

Fillers that contain Hyaluronic Acid or any other component as the main ingredient, are completely safe for the body as these components are naturally found in the in the eyes,  skin and joints. It holds onto moisture and keeps tissues and joints lubricated. Hence, the body accepts these components and does not react to it harshly.

What is the procedure and recovery time of fillers?

Injecting fillers is a minimally invasive procedure that requires a short amount of time. Recovery time after fillers is very short. The client can continue with normal activities in 24 hours. Mild swelling and bruising might be visible after the procedure for a few days but the doctor can prescribe some topical medication that might help.

What is fat grafting or fat transfer?

Fat transfer for face is the procedure of extracting fat through liposuction procedure from one part of the body such as abdomen or thigh area and injecting it into the face areas. Fat Grafting can be used to rejuvenate the face, bring volume to the cheeks, plump lips, define jawline and full face contouring.

What is the procedure of Fat Transfer or Fat grafting?

Fat Transfer is a two step process. Fat cells are first extracted from a large area such as abdomen, hips or thigh area with the help of a tube like instrument for liposuction. The amount of fat extracted depends on the the required amount for volume and structure of the face. This fat is then purified and injected into the face. This procedure can be carried out as outpatient surgery under local anesthesia.

Which is better? Fat grafting or Dermal fillers?

Both fat grafting and dermal fillers provide injectable treatments for face rejuvenation and sculpting. Although filler offers a quick result, it needs ongoing care. Fat grafting involves two steps and has a three- to six-month recovery period, which is why it is a slightly more complicated treatment. Once the graft becomes established, it is permanent (though touch ups may be needed down the line). Consulting with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon will ensure you receive the best treatment for your aesthetic goals.

At Sunface Medical Aesthetic Center, our aesthetic doctor – Dr. Majid Forouzesh has completed 300+ body contouring procedures in the past year. He is currently having free consultations for body and face contouring treatments.

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