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Best Acne Scar Treatments for Women in Dubai

Acne scars are created when skin tissue is damaged, just like with other conditions that cause the skin to scar. Different types of acne result in different types of scarring, and some don’t leave any scars at all. Inflammatory acne, for example, is very likely to leave scarring because it causes more injury to the skin than smaller blemishes with no inflammation. Pimples, nodules or cysts that become inflamed can permanently damage skin tissue, and cystic acne can leave very severe scarring.

The Sunface speciality

One of the most common and effective techniques we practice at Sunface is Acne Scar Revision. This involves a specialist using precise surgical tools to excise the scars from the surface of the skin. After a scar is excised, the skin is sutured closed, which may result in a much smaller, less pronounced scar being left. This will be less noticeable than the original acne scar and may grow fainter over time or be treated using resurfacing technology to achieve a smoother end result.

The second option we offer at Sunface Medical Center is laser treatment for acne. The technique we use is called Fractional CO2 Laser treatment, and we apply it with the DEKA SmartXide CO2 Laser, which is a superb tool for acne scar removal, as well as:

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Skin tightening

  • Skin pigmentation

The fractional CO2 laser is a non-invasive treatment that makes small holes in the deeper layers of skin to stimulate the formation of new, healthy collagen to smooth out acne scars. It is most appropriate for scars that are not very deep.

You can experience visible results in as little a 1 week after treatment, and the improvements will continue for up to 6 months. Depending on the condition of your skin, it is conceivable that you could experience a 30-70% improvement in acne scars from a single treatment.

As safe, effective acne scar treatments can be hard to come by for women in Dubai, we encourage you to get in touch today! We will be able to talk you through the process and organise an initial consultation where our specialist can assess your acne scars and determine a course of treatment specific to your needs.

Call us on 04 443 2346 to book an appointment at our medical aesthetic clinic in JLT Dubai.

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