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5 Questions to Ask Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon Before Getting A Nose Job

Your nose is one of the most attractive and noticeable features on your face. Unfortunately, though, for some living in Dubai, it can also be their least favorite. If you feel that your nose needs a little extra work then you may be looking to find a surgeon who can perform a nose job Dubai residents like yourself will love. Nose plastic surgery is a popular procedure in the city which can give some really stunning results.

What should you be asking your surgeon?

Of course, the first task when thinking of getting a nose job in Dubai is to find a reputable and professional clinic to carry it out. Here at Sunface Medical Center, we are always open to seeing new patients and showing why we carry out the best rhinoplasty in Dubai. Whether you come to us or go elsewhere, though, you need to be asking the right questions before you have the procedure.

Here are five of the most important questions to run by your surgeon:

1. Have you got any awards or certifications?

A great question to ask to begin with is this one. By checking out their certifications, awards, and other qualifications, you will be sure to get a surgeon that knows what they are doing.

2. How experienced are you?

As well as any relevant certifications, you also need to ask this. To find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai, you are ideally looking for someone with lots of procedures under their belt and years of experience.

Although this will not hopefully be needed, it is worth checking anyway. If you are not happy with the rhinoplasty then you need to know if the surgeon or clinic will perform a revision for you without any extra charge.

4. Are there any potential risks or issues with the nose job?

Having nose plastic surgery can really help, but it is also something to be taken seriously. With this in mind, you should always ask about any risks that may be open to you when having the procedure.

5. How long will it take?

This is always a question worth asking, just so you know for your own peace of mind. As above, you want to have all the basic knowledge to hand like this when thinking of having rhinoplasty done.

Get in touch with Sunface Medical Center today!

When you compare the results of rhinoplasty before and after, it is clear to see why so many people opt to have it done. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, it is one procedure that really makes a difference to people’s daily lives. If you want the best rhinoplasty clinic in Dubai then give us a call today to find out more.

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