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Why you should become a Professional Beauty Therapist?

Beauty Therapist

Are you considering a career change to become a beauty therapist? Here are five reasons why you should consider this job. Most beauty therapists average earns around $65,000 in yearly salary. But, depending on where you live, the minimum salary could be much higher. There are also great healthcare benefits available.

So you’re interested in a career in beauty? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read this blog to learn about some of the reasons why pursuing a career in beauty may be a great decision.

5 reasons why Beauty therapist career is a good choice

High in demand

The beauty therapy industry is flourishing that means many job opportunities are awaiting for the right candidate. The beauty therapy industry never goes out of style. People always want to try and look good. This is the reason why this industry is evolving day by day. Every day more and more candidates choose to join beauty therapy courses to begin their career in this emerging field. That is why pursuing a career as beauty therapist is a great option as they are most demand in UAE and high salary jobs not only in UAE but worldwide.

Double Salary for certified beauty therapists

Clients always look for certified beauty therapists before trusting them with their looks. And this can be only achieved by getting certification or license from a renowned institute. Also, they will teach you skills required for giving consultations to your clients. Healthcare Clinics and Wellness Saloons often pay double salary to nurse and certified beauty therapists. This means the more certifications and professional you are, higher salary you will get. Moreover, Certified beauty therapists can also startup their own saloon.

Worldwide opportunities

As aesthetic treatments are increasingly popular throughout the world, the demand for certified beauty therapists is always on high demand. Certification or diploma in beauty therapist course opens the door for you to apply in reputable salons or aesthetic centers in any part of the world. Well qualified aestheticians can pursue career worldwide as beauty therapist courses from renowned institutes gives credit for immigration as well .

Certified beauty therapists get more customers

Certified and skilled beauty therapists will have more clients as compared to non-professional clients. This is because people trust them and their skills more. People prefers to got to professional aestheticians for their beauty needs as they do not want to experiment with their skin or hair.

Jobs in Healthcare

With extra training and certifications, beauty therapists can further progress in a career within aesthetics and work in health care sectors. They can work in pharmacies, sports therapy center, health and fitness centers, hospitals and can also work as cosmetic consultant.

Who is a Beauty Therapist and what are their Responsibilities?

First of all, let’s understand who is Beauty Therapist? The Beauty Therapists are professionals commonly work in day spas, beauty salons, and physician offices. Beauty Therapist performs range of services that include biochemical facials, chemical peels, and many other types of chemical and surgical procedures. In this post, we’ll also uncover some main responsibilities of Beauty Therapists. We’ll also take a quick look at the most demanded cosmetic procedures.

Permanent makeup                                                          

Want to wake up every morning with perfect brows, liner or lips every day? Yes! you can get your desired services by a beauty therapist. Permanent makeup is growing in need day by day. This is the best option for those who wants a perfect “I woke up like this” look.


Microblading is a great option for people with thin eyebrows. A beauty therapist uses microblade tool to spread color stains similar to real hairs. This stain effect will eventually fade with time, so re-touch might be required to sustain your desired look.

Microblading results in natural looking and well defined eyebrows, but this procedure generally requires some time to get perfect.

Initially the process might take few hours and the brows will eventually become darker after the treatment. Semi-permanent eyebrows generally lasts for up to a year.

Since, Microblading require extreme expertise therefore, a certified and professional beauty therapist understand needs and requirements of the client based on their skin condition.

Lip Blushing

An aesthetician stains your lips by using a cosmetic tattoo gun and water based inks. This results in fuller lips as they are being defined and enriched with pigments. Lip pigmentation is a semi-permanent makeup but it will not actually alter the shape of your lips.

Lip blushing technique gives you a soft, rosy color to your lips that improves your lip symmetry, also covers uneven spots or pigmentation, and gives you the impression of bigger, fuller lips.

Generally, the results of lip blushing stays for two to three years but will gradually lighten and fade away over time.

Permanent eyeliner

Another type of advanced permanent makeup  is eyeliner tattoo. It is a procedure that creates a look of actually wearing eyeliner. Beauty therapists use specially designed electric device for cosmetic tattoos, the therapists add semi-permanent pigments into the skin of eyelids by permanently drawing eyeliner in which ever shape you desire.

This is the best option for people who wants wide-awake eyes throughout the day. You no more have to worry about smudging your eyeliners when you sweat, swim or walk in rain.

Tattooed eyeliner can last for about one year but after that it might need touchups as well.

Beauty Massage

Facial massage is a popular Western Beauty treatment to stop the aging process and get youthful and improved skin. Along with beauty benefits, it also have health benefits. It is also helpful in relieving stress, migraine, premenstrual syndrome and sinus congestion as well.

This procedure might involve the whole body massage, a portion of a whole body massage or a part of a facial treatment. A small amount of lotion or oil is applied to the skin to assist movement.

Facial massage is done by a professional beauty therapist or an aesthetician. In salons or spas mechanical massaging devices are used. But a simple massage can also be done at home by learning some techniques mentioned below.

Beauty Massaging Techniques


It is a widely used therapy which makes use of suction cups to stimulate skin and muscles. It can be done on any part of the body or even face. The suction leads to increased blood circulation, might also help in relieving muscle tension, boosts cell repair and help in regeneration.


The area of skin and the underlying tissues are lifted with the help of hand and fingers, along with the thumb. The beauty therapist then kneads the tissues and also uses knuckles to lift the tissues up and then massage in circular motions.


Effleurage technique is most widely used in massages. It is applied with light pressure , generally used to start a massage treatment. This technique is only performed using fingers and flat hands onto many body parts. This technique increases blood circulation towards the heart .

Jacquet pinching

In this massaging technique, therapist uses their thumbs and index or middle fingers and performs quick pinching movements with their fingertips. These swift movements oxygenate tissues around the skin, encourages circulation and cellular activity in the procedure. Facial muscles are warmed up and stimulated , which makes them more toned and strong.

All these procedures require extreme knowledge and professional expertise which anyone can attain with proper training and courses only.

Beauty Therapist course

Beauty Therapist Course

Interested to begin your career as a beauty therapist? Then it is important that you earn specialized training certification in this sector. We at Sunface, offer best Beauty Therapist Course, which is designed by our professional and expert doctors considering industry requirements.

We have well qualified and experienced team of doctors from all over the world. Sunface medical team makes sure that you get the best out of this course so that you will be able to acquire best job opportunities. All our courses are DHA, KHDA and CIBTAC accredited that provides high CME and immigration points as well. Moreover, our course gives you opportunity to instantly apply for your License with DHA and start practicing as Beauty Therapist in UAE or worldwide.

Do not miss this chance, book your seats now for Beauty Therapist course by Sunface that perfectly suits your requirements and begin training to become Professional Beauty Therapists.

What will you learn?

The course period is 9 months but we also offer a crash course of 6 months. This course also provides its students to apply for license after which they can also work as certified aesthetician. Apart of this course, our student will also learn Microblading:

  • Anatomy and physiology and pathology for beauty and spa therapy
  • Facial services
  • Facial Applications
  • Facial skincare treatments, using Dermalogica skincare ranges
  • Facial electrotherapy treatments including microdermabrasion
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology for skin treatments
  • Facial electrical treatments
  • Body massage
  • Body electrical treatments
  • Microblading

Scope of Beauty therapist in aesthetic industry

As aesthetic treatments are growing in demand across the world, candidates have a great scope to work in this field. The average minimum salary of a Dubai based beauty therapist is around AED7000 per month. The experience level is an essential factor in determining the salary. More years of experience, the higher the average wages.

Candidates graduated from this course can apply for jobs in salons, aesthetic clinics and spas. They can also start their own business if they want to. In the beauty & wellness industry, a beauty therapist is always in a huge demand. Certified aestheticians can also run their own Salons.

Moreover, our well trained beauty therapists can seek career worldwide because our Beauty therapist course in UAE gives high CME or credit for immigration.

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