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What is Endolifting and how it is performed?

Did you know that the first effects of the passage of time are manifested in the eyebrows?

Between the age of 28 – 40 years, there are a number of changes that take place on our skin, these changes in position causes a series of alterations in the area of ​​the forehead, eyelids, chin, neck etc. These alterations transform a young and pretty look into a dull and aged look.

How is it possible to achieve the effects of Botox but permanently? This is where the endolift comes into the picture. An advanced and innovative technique that manages to rejuvenate and reshape the skin.

What is Endolift?

Endolift, also known as endoscopic lifting is a minimally invasive long term facelift solution. This treatment is laser assisted and is performed from underneath the skin where excess fat is dissolved permanently. This helps in reshaping and tightening the skin which inevitably lifts the skin of face, neck and abdomen area. Apart from this, Endolift has multiple purposes: like remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin, toning the skin, the stimulation of collagen production and, the retraction of connective septums. 

How is Endolift performed?

Endolift is performed without any incisions or bruising on the skin. A Laser assisted machine is used to reach underneath the skin and slowly dissolve the fat under the skin. 

Why Endolift?

Endolift’s new age technology has been gaining a huge name in today’s world.  The reasons why you should choose Endolift are never ending! Here are few important ones:

  • Zero Downtime – Minimum to No downtime is required for Endolift. If the right after care is followed, you can directly go back to your usual activities.
  • No Anesthesia – Since Endolift is not a surgery, there is no need to inject any local or general anesthesia, only a topical numbing cream is applied for more comfort.
  • No Pain – You heard that right! Endolift is 100% pain free procedure giving you the best results.
  • No scars/Pigmentation – The procedure is performed undernesth the skin leaving zero scars or any pigmentation.

Before and after Endolift

The results achieved with Endolift are so profoundly natural that it is very difficult for anyone to know that you have done it. There are no particular complications for this treatment. You can notice improvements in the results eventually over a period of 6 months.

Frequently asked questions about endolifting

  • In how many days can I return to a normal social life? Few hours after the procedure, you are able to go back to your normal life, as it is difficult to imagine that an intervention has been carried out. After that, the appearance is completely normal.
  • How long does the result last? The results are permanent, unlike any aesthetic medicine treatment that must be done again and again.
  • Will it be noticed that I have undergone the treatment? The only thing they will notice is that you have regained a rejuvenated, tightened, lifted appearance, but no one will know you’ve done the treatment.
  • How long does the procedure take? The time to complete the procedure depends on the body part that it is carried out on, for face – It will not take more than 45 mins and abdomen will be within 2 hours. 
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