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Anti Wrinkle Cosmetic Treatments

The secret formula of the elixir of eternal youth has not yet been discovered, but at Sunface, we offer you number of treatments to get rid of your wrinkles and enhance your facial beauty as long as your want.

At Sunface, we offer you dermal fillers and Profhilo treatment to reverse the sign of ageing and give you radiance and more firmer youthful skin.

Types of Fillers we Use

Cosmetic & dermal fillers can revitalize your appearance by adding volume to your facial structure, allowing your skin to lie smoothly over plump, youthful features.

They can be used to enhance the lips, eyes, jawline, cheeks and more.

Fillers are injected below the skin’s surface to add volume and stimulate the skin’s natural collagen growth, visibly reducing wrinkles and lines, enhancing cheeks, plumping lips, and lifting and smoothing scar depressions.

As it is a minimally invasive procedure, it requires little to no downtime while providing the correction that is less expensive than surgery with far fewer risks.

Swelling, bruising and a small amount of bleeding at the injection site are common and should be expected after post-treatment.

At Sunface Aesthetics, we offer lip fillers, cheek fillers, under eye fillers, jawline fillers, nose fillers, chin fillers and all types of facial fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Fillers

These are the most popular types of fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that exists in the human body, and thus is extremely safe to use on the skin. Most areas on the face can be treated, with results lasting around six months. Other fillers that are not hyaluronic acid gel based are also available.

Semi-Permanent / Permanent Fillers

Semi-permanent or permanent fillers are another option. Some are made of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a carrier gel and can be used to treat most areas of the face except for lips.  The collagen build-up is gradual over several months’ time. Results have been shown to last up to two years.

One of the most popular options used by our clients for lip enhancement and lip augmentation is our lip fillers – we’re known as one the best lip fillers clinic in Dubai.

Our experienced doctors guide you on the best-suited injectable dermal filler for your concerns so that you can benefit from this non-invasive approach to a younger appearance.

Jawline & Russian Lip Fillers

Russian Lips or Russian Lip fillers is a lip augmentation hyaluronic acid injection technique. This specific method allows the lips to be shaped in the shape of a heart, a bit like “Russian dolls”.

The method consists of injecting microdoses of hyaluronic acid into the center of the lips. The goal is to lift the lips more than to increase their volume. The result is very natural, with a high lip rather than full. The natural contours of the lip are preserved, only accentuated.


Through a personalized diagnosis we look for the most suitable result for you: flattering and, at the same time, balanced and natural.

  • Lifting effect on the lip: the Russian lip technique allows an increase in the surface of the lips, thickening and lifting the area without touching the lip profile and without increasing its volume forward. Full lips instead of duck mouth.
  • This results in a larger visible surface of the lip.
  • Cupid’s bow lift
  • Better definition of lip shape

What is Jawline Filler?

The Jawline Fillers helps in lifting and eliminating the retracted chin, bringing naturalness and harmony to the face.

During the treatment high-density hyaluronic acid is injected with fine needles, giving harmony to the face. The amount of hyaluronic acid that is injected will depend on the needs of the patient and the treatment is carried out in a single session.

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Brands we offer:

Now you do not need to worry about your beauty as you grow older because at Sunface we are offering you world’s best dermal fillers to lock your beauty over time. These effective fillers help in increase your facial volume, plump your lips, and also helps you to sustain your natural glow and radiance by eliminating facial wrinkles and laugh wrinkles around the lips, lip augmentation and to treat dark circles.

Which Filler is for me?

There are different brands of fillers that are indicated according to the areas to be treated, and they can be combined in the same patient.

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Dr. Ashrafzade’s ability in patient care and treatment was awarded by Her Highness Sheikha Moza Al Maktom

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Other certifications and degrees from:

  • Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran
  • Esthetic Academy, France
  • Medicap, Italy
  • Dermo Aroma, Italy
  • Iranian Association of General Surgeon, Iran
  • PARIZ Institute of Cosmetic and Skin Care, Iran
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