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Laser Hair Removal

Laser remedy is a clinical method that makes use of a laser to dispose of undesirable hair. The laser passes through the pores and skin to the basis of the hair follicle, heating them and thereby damages the hair follicle, which inhibits destiny hair boom. The darker and coarser the hair more effective will be the laser.

Laser hair reduction is secure, attempted and examined technique that can be done at a specific part of the body or full body. Long time period hair reduction via way of means of Laser Hair Removal treatment is the closing approach to keep away from waxing, razors, epilation, and their ache and facet effects.

At our clinic, We use only the best quality machines which are the Candela Gentle Max Pro and Alexandra ND. These machines slows down the growth rate of the hair and destroys most of them from the follicles. You will start seeing results in the first sessions itself.

Our Laser Hair Removal Full Body Package Starts @699 AED

Top quality laser hair reduction machines, delivering quality and efficient results:

  • Pain free laser hair removal.
  • No burning sensation.
  • The machine is applicable for all hair types.
  • Qualified and licensed staff.
  • Luxurious environment with top-notch quality service.

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While there is no two about the effectiveness of the procedure, it may not be suitable to every individual. Below we’ve mentioned a few pointers on whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the laser hair reduction process.

  • Women who aren’t pregnant
  • Those who don’t have any skin disease
  • Those who aren’t dealing with a chronic illness
  • Those who have dark colored hair
  • Those with grey or white hair

Pre-treatment tips for anyone who plans on undergoing the treatment. It allows you to prepare your skin for the treatment and maximize the result. Consider the following aspects before the procedure.

  • Avoid direct exposure from the sun for at least four weeks before you start the treatment.
  • Avoid using sunscreen three weeks before the treatment
  • If you have any allergies or medical history, it is advisable to speak to your doctor
  • Avoid using bleach on your skin or any forms of hair removal six weeks before you begin the treatment
  • Remember to sanitize your skin on the day of your treatment
  • Take the required precautionary provided by the doctor

The Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Machine comes filled with an entire listing of widespread capabilities, all designed to offer you aggressive benefits on your market, and leaving extra cash in your pocket. Some of the awesome capabilities of the Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Machine, particularly designed for pores and skin resurfacing are:

Reliability–The Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Machine offers you one of the maximum stable performers for pace and reliability for pores and skin laser machines that you may locate available in the marketplace today. With its versatility, it’s miles the selection with aesthetic beauty experts today.

Wavelength–The gadget comes widespread as a two-wavelength gadget. It carries a 755 nm Alexandrite and a splendid 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser, ensuing in a gadget that plays to the very best level, with protection in mind.

Hair Removal – This laser gadget offers extremely good consequences for hair removal, as nicely as, for several pores and skin situation treatments. It can take away many kinds of pores and skin harm and spider veins, as nicely as, offers top-notch scientific consequences, with superb advantages to the sufferers and the pores and skincare specialist

Color Correction and Rejuvenation of Skin with Diffuse Sun Damage – The Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Machine can also treat diffuse sun damage which is often seen on the face, neck, chest and arms. Depending on the extent of sun damage, a series of treatments may be necessary, but significant improvement is seen with each treatment.

Once the procedure is complete, there are a few steps that you must follow to maintain your skin.

  • To avoid any feeling of discomfort, the doctor will apply a form of cooling method
  • Try and stay away from direct sunlight
  • You can start using sunscreen if it’s not possible to avoid direct sun exposure
  • Do not use any hair removal product once the treatment is complete
  • Treat your skin with care for a few weeks

Benefits of Getting A Laser Hair Removal

Treatments Don’t Take Long

Laser hair elimination remedies are lots faster than you can expect. It takes around half-hour to one hour for full body. It is 100% an effortless and quick procedure

It’s Less Painful Than Other Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair elimination is much less painful than what others think. We also a cooling machine along with the laser to minimize the pain sensation.

It Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Shaving, waxing, and different techniques of hair elimination cause ingrown hairs. If you’re vulnerable to ingrown hairs, laser hair elimination is an terrific option. By destroying the hair at its follicle, there won’t be any hair developing into the body and turning into ingrown.

It’s a Long-Term Solution

Most people see permanent, lasting effects with laser hair elimination. In a few cases, you can want a touch-up for some months, however, it stays one of the best long-term answers available.

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