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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Clear Aligners


Invisalign Clear Aligners – Starting from AED 5,500

Invisalign’s clear aligners are virtually invisible, removable and the most comfortable way to align your teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign

Gold Providers of Invisalign in UAE

Straightens teeth without traditional, fixed metallic braces

Customized for your teeth,

Comfortable to wear with less pain or discomfort

Virtually invisible, so your teeth can be straightened discretely

Removable, so you can brush, floss & eat normally

Fixes dental issues like cross bite, overcrowded teeth, gapped & misaligned teeth

Affordable with our payment plans

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Abdollahi has been a practicing Orthodontist in highly credited dental clinics in Tehran and Dubai from 2008, and has also received the ‘Gold Provider’ ranking from Invisalign due to his high success rate.

How it works:


Dr. Davood Abdollahi, our Invisalign specialist will scan your teeth and create a digital 3D profile. He will then give you the entire treatment plan which will include the timing to change aligners and the way your teeth will change alignment throughout the process, which normally takes the same duration as traditional fixed braces.


Based on the 3D digital profile of your teeth taken during the consult and your treatment plan; we will have a number of your clear aligners manufactured for your entire treatment duration.


Once your aligners have been manufactured, your treatment begins and you will have to wear the clear aligners for 20-22 hours at least per day. You will have to replace the aligners based on your plan and you’ll have to visit us every six weeks until the end of your treatment. With every passing week, your smile will start to improve.

Invisalign in Dubai can be very expensive but we afford treatment options and payment plans to suit every budget.

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Easy Payment Plans Available

We've tied up with multiple partners and banks to offer our customers competitive payment options and discounts that make their treatment stress-free and affordable

Our Doctors

We're proud to have a diverse team of qualified and experienced specialists that are well-known in UAE and internationally.

General Dentistry (Cosmetic, Restorative, Pediatric dentistry)
Specialist in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, MS in Dental Laser Therapy
Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and General & Aesthetic Surgery

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