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Hair Transplant in Dubai from AED 8,999

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

At Sunface Medical Center, we offer hair transplant and hair replacement for men and women in Dubai with a variety of methods available to restore hair.

FIT (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUE method

This is the more modern method of harvesting and transplanting hair. This method is based on punch-graft extraction of hair, by which the grafts of hair (containing 1 to 4 hairs) are harvested and transplanted.

In this method, there is no need for surgical blades, incisions or stitches. Instead, only small holes are made in the donor site in the dorsal scalp.

FUT (Strip) method

This is a standard method for harvesting and transplanting hair. A strip of hair and scalp is harvested from the back of the head, which is then divided into small grafts. Each graft contains one to four hair follicles, which are transplanted in the front of the head.

In this method, the back of the head is stitched delicately. The donor site is left with a thin stitch scar which is almost invisible.

Mixed (Combined) method

FUT and FIT methods are combined and performed in one or two days. The hairs harvested by FUT method are transplanted in the front of the head, and some hairs are harvested using FIT method for further transplantation.

This method is most suited for patients with extreme baldness and require a lot of harvest.

Patients can repeat hair restoration in case of necessity by combined methods in the future as well.

You may also prefer a hair implant, which:

  • Provides an immediate solution for balding and hair thinning
  • Requires no transplant/harvest or natural hair

Find out more about our hair implant services by clicking here.

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