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BioFibre Hair Implants

Restore your confidence with BioFibre Hair Implants

BioFibre hair implant is a safe, minimally invasive alternative to a surgical hair transplant. It is an anti aging procedure for male and female baldness (alopecia) solution and as hair thinning remedy performed by qualified trained physicians to guarantee a good lasting aesthetic result and with an immediate psychological benefit to the patients. It is the new generation of biocompatible artificial hair produced with medical grade VI polymers and safe macro molecular pigments. These hair strands are undetectable to natural hair: it is available in variations of 13 different color + white. It is available in different lengths as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and different styles as straight, wavy, curly, afro.  Markedly more affordable than hair transplantation, it is also ideal for those on a budget.

The major advantage of a hair implant is how quickly its results can be seen. Methods of hair transplantation – such as FUT or FUE – may take up to a month to show the slightest signs of hair. With a hair implant, however, the results are seen immediately. Our Biofiber Hair Implant procedure utilizes advanced technology to safely insert synthetic hair in the scalp. It is a minimally invasive process with immediate results and no recovery period. Our synthetic hair blends seamlessly with the hair surrounding it and will not grey as time passes. Should you wish to reverse the procedure, the synthetic hair can be easily removed. Book your free consultation today!

Benefits of BioFibre Hair Implant Treatment

A hair implant is a medical procedure that involves inserting synthetic hair into the affected region through alopecia. There are several benefits to this procedure, which are mentioned below.

  • Completely Safe: Made with safety medical grade VI polymers for medical use
  • Biocompatible and well tolerated by the skin
  • Keratin shield Protection:  The strands favors a creation of keratin shield protecting the implant from microbial agents.
  • Long-lasting aesthetic effect
  • Excellent strength without leaving any scars if removed
  • Soft and flexible, for low invasiveness and quick healing of the scalp.
  • Easily reversible.

Hair Implants – Before and After

Why Opt to Undergo Hair Implant Treatment?

A hair implant is a swift and cost-effective alternative to the primary methods of hair transplantation, such as FUT and FUE. However, the reasons to undergo hair implant treatment extend far beyond time and money. By reversing the effects of hair loss and alopecia, Biofiber hair implant treatment can restore the confidence one loses when their hair begins thinning. It will allow you to perform to a higher standard professionally and personally.

Because a hair implant can be easily reversed, it is an excellent option for those who are considering a hair restoration procedure but are skeptical about the results. If you are not pleased with the look or finish of your Biofiber hair implant, you can have the synthetic hair taken out in a matter of minutes. Of course, with our highly skilled team here at SunFace Medical Center, you can be virtually confident that you’ll love the results of your hair implant treatment!

BioFibre implants are available in an array of colors, textures and lengths making it convenient to choose the perfectly suited hair strands for you!

We also have other options available like Hair transplant and Eyebrow Transplant.

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