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What is Hair Implantation?

A hair implant is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical hair transplant. Rather than transporting hair follicles from a donor site to a receiver site, a hair implant inserts synthetic hair into the area affected by alopecia. These then blend with one’s natural follicles to create a fuller finish. Candidates who opt for hair implantation don’t suffer from severe alopecia and merely require small patches of skin to be covered. Markedly more affordable than hair transplantation, it is also ideal for those on a budget.

The major advantage of a hair implant is how quickly its results can be seen. Methods of hair transplantation – such as FUT or FUE – may take up to a month to show the slightest signs of hair. With a hair implant, however, the results are seen immediately. You won’t even have to wait to show them off to your friends and family, as a hair implant is a simple outpatient procedure, while a hair transplant requires days in the hospital.

What is BioFibre?

Our Biofiber Hair Implant procedure utilizes advanced Biofibre® Italian Technology to safely and swiftly insert synthetic hair into the receiver site. It is a minimally invasive process with immediate results and no recovery period. Our synthetic hair blends seamlessly with the hair surrounding it and will not grey as time passes. If you wish you wish to reverse the procedure, the synthetic hair can be easily removed. Book your free consultation today!

Benefits of Biofiber Hair Transplant Treatment

  • Results are immediately noticeable.

  • Can be used to improve facial hair density.

  • Hair strands do not grey or lose their color as the years pass by.

  • Patients mostly dedicate only a minimal amount of time to pre-surgery preparations.

  • More suitable to cover small patches of bare skin than FUE and FUT.

  • Not quite as popular as FUE and FUT, meaning waiting lists are shorter and prices are relatively lower.

  • Results can be reversed if the patient is not happy.

  • Hairs are individually placed, allowing for a more realistic final appearance.

  • An increasingly wide array of colors is available.

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