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Acne Treatment

Acne Removal

(CO2 Fractional Laser)

Unveil clear, radiant skin

Acne Removal

One of the most effective treatments for acne removal and reduction of acne scars is fractional laser.

At Sunface Medical Center, we use the DEKA SmartXide CO2 Laser, which works wonders for:

  • Acne and scar removal

  • Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Skin pigmentation

  • Skin tightening

The fractional CO2 laser works by making small holes in the deep layers of the skin, which stimulates new healthy collagen formation that smooth out acne scars.

Visible results can be seen 1 week after the treatment, and improvements continue for up to 6 months.

Depending on the condition on the skin, it is possible to see 30-70% improvement in acne scars within just 1 treatment.

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