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Patient Care

Policy and Procedures Title: Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that patient’s rights are protected and to respect their beliefs and values.
  2. To ensure that the patient and their families are aware of their Right and responsibilities.
  3. To establish trust and open communication with the patients to achieve customer satisfaction and meet International Standards of health care Services.
  4. To provide standardized patients and family bill of rights and responsibilities

Policy and Statement:

  1. Respects the right of the patient and their family to be involved in decisions about their care.
  2. Ensure that patient rights are safeguarded and preserved at all time.
  3. As per the UAE Federal Law no. (10) Of 2008 In respect of Medical Liability, articles (5): disclose any confidential information relating to patients, as such physicians become aware of during the course of treatment or due to treatment process, whether the patients entrusted the physicians with such secrets or the physicians reviewed such secrets or the physicians reviewed such secrets by themselves. This prohibition shall not be applied as follows:
  • If the disclosure was upon patient’s request:
  • If the disclosure was for the best interest of the husband or to report about it. In this event, disclosure shall be reported to the official authorities only.
  • If the disclosure was to prevent a criminal act or to report about it. In this event, disclosure shall be reported to the official authorities only;
  • If the physicians were assigned by the judicial authority or an official investigation authority in the state as an expert, or if such physicians were notified to attend as a witness in an investigation or criminal proceedings; and
  • If the physicians were assigned to carry out an examination by a life insurance companies or by their employees. The task of the physicians shall be within the scope of their assignment.
  1. The responsible physician, nurse and / or health care providers will ask the competent adult patient if he/she wishes to authorize any significant other to receive information about his/her health status and what type of information to be shared, and accordingly to participate in his care decision.
  2. All patients are entitled to equal rights to protect their respective interest, values and beliefs, regardless of their nationality, disability, religion, age, gender, race or manner of payment.
  3. All staff shall commit to provide excellent care, while understanding, promoting and protecting the patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  4. All patients/families are expected to provide complete and accurate personal information as well as information about their health, including present condition, past illness, hospitalization, medications, natural products and any other matters that pertain to his/her health.
  5. All patients have the right to refuse treatment and leave the Health Centre against the advice of the treating physician.

Definitions/ Abbreviations:

  • Patient and Family Rights: Those rights attributed to a person and his family seeking health care.
  • Healthcare Provider: Any staff involved in providing health education including physicians, nurses, dieticians, health educators, pharmacist etc.


Receptionist /Healthcare Provider /Treating Physician


  • All employees responsible for educating the patient and/ or his/ her family regarding his/her rights and responsibilities upon receiving medical care.
  1. Provide the patient, PHCSS Patient’s and Family Rights and Responsibilities booklet.
  2. Ensure that PFR booklet is distributed to the patients with proper Explanation.
  3. Patients and their families are informed about their rights and Responsibilities upon receiving as appropriate.
  4. Educate the patient and his/her family regarding his/her rights and Responsibilities upon receiving medical care.
  5. Inform the patient about his/ her rights and responsibilities using Different modalities, i.e. sign Language, language interpretation, etc.
  6. All patient/families shall be informed of the names of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals directly involved in their care.
  7. Inform the patient/families regarding followings as applicable:
  • Medical Condition, Proposed Treatment, Pain Management, Side effects Of medications, Potential Benefits and Risks, Possible Alternatives, Likelihood of success of the treatment, possible recovery problems, the health condition and possible causes of such changes, Procedures to be performed that require informed consent and Outcomes Of care and Management Plan.
  1. Ensure that patients & their families are involved with decisions about their care.
  2. Inform the patient about pain and pain relief measures.
  3. Inform the patient/families of any delay of treatment and Provide a reason and information for any alternative solution to his/her treatment
  4. In the event of transferring patient to another facility when medically permissible and feasible, as recommended or requested (by the patient, family/legally authorized representative) the patient and His/her family are being informed of the risks, benefits and acceptance Of the facility.
  5. Ensure patients to follow the treatment plan developed by the treating Physician.
  6. The patient and his/her family have the right to privacy for interviews, Examinations, Procedures/ treatments, and transport.
  7. All patients are protected from physical and verbal assault during treatment.
  8. Expected to understand, advocate and protect Patient’s and Family Rights and responsibilities.


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