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Botox and Fillers

Revitalize Your Appearance with Botox and Fillers at Sunface

Welcome to Botox and Fillers, the two new cosmetic procedures offered at Sunface Medical Centre in Dubai. In this section, we aim to provide you with a general understanding of these mechanisms and shed light on their specific roles in aging and facial rejuvenation.

Why use Sunface for Botox and Fillers?

Botox & filler treatments are designed to target specific aspects of growth. Botox reduces wrinkles by relaxing muscles. Likewise, lip fillers are derived from acidic plump that restores smoothness and volume.


The combination of Botox and fillers provides a complete anti-aging solution that addresses wrinkles, pink lines, and volume loss. Results usually last three to four months, and maintenance treatments are necessary to maintain a youthful appearance. Sunface Medical Centre recognizes the harmonious youthful vitality achieved through the combination of Botox and implants.

Why Treatment with Botox and Fillers is useful with Sunface?

As you age, the fat pockets of the face uniformly lose their volume. the skin gets saggy and wrinkles. The bolster or depression mostly appears under the eye, cheeks, temples, and lines where the creases have formed such as nasolabial folds, marionette, and pre-jowl areas. The re-introduction of volume in these regions produces the effect of rejuvenation in the face. Loose skin associated with the disease can be the result of some hereditary connective tissue disorders. The acquired skin laxity seen in the aging skin is derived from the combined effects of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. 

One extrinsic factor that intensifies due to smoking is ultraviolet radiation. Nobody wants to see a half-moon (dark circle) beneath the eyes. Indeed, anyone can deal with dark circles today. Nonetheless, some people experience it occasionally. One of the many dark circle myths is that they appear because of stress and they disappear once stress is reduced. The bagginess occurs because of leakage in capillaries. Increasingly, people face the reality of imperfections in their faces and seek the expertise of cosmetic doctors in rejuvenation techniques to reflect the way they feel inside.

Why Sunface is important for Botox and Fillers?

With Sunface - a special brand, one can focus on anti-aging and cosmetics. Our highly experienced professionals put safety first and the overall wellness of their clients. They excel in Face Botox and Fillers procedures with a focus on accuracy. Sunface boasts state-of-the-art products and technologies, aimed at enhancing the overall patient experience and optimizing treatment outcomes. We also offer personalized consultations that focus on addressing each person’s unique aesthetic goals and concerns about the benefits of Botox supplements. 


Sunface is dedicated to understanding facial consistency, striving to achieve natural-looking results by considering factors such as facial design, shape, and unique features Through a client-centered approach, Sunface ensures that each client feels heard, supported, and confident throughout their beauty journey.

The Sunface Botox and Fillers: Costs and Experience

Sunface Medical Centre in Dubai offers a customized Botox & Fillers experience that combines precision and personalization to enhance and rejuvenate your unique beauty. The clinic offers comprehensive consultations led by certified physicians to understand your facial anatomy and aesthetic goals. The procedure includes precise Botox injections and advanced infusion techniques, and offers behind-the-scenes instructions to target facial nerves for wrinkles decreased to restore voice, and the SunFace team is ready to address any concerns after treatment. Book your consultation today for complete rejuvenation.

Major transformation with Botox And Fillers: 

Before and After Show - Witness the transformation with Botox fillers at Sunface Medical Center Sunface Medical Center’s Before-and-After Exhibit offers amazing results from face fillers and Botox treatments. It demonstrates realistic transformation, shows reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, restoration of facial tone and texture, and increased client confidence The demonstration highlights a range of results, and it refers to individuals of different ages, ethnicities, and aesthetic goals. Expertly written, it offers educational value beyond what meets the eye.


Our platform incorporates interactive features, allowing users to browse before and after images and receive updates. Patient testimonials provide insight into the emotional and psychological impact of treatments. The display is regularly updated, reflecting Sunface Medical Center’s commitment to transparency and consistency.

Botox is only efficient on facial lines.

Botox is too applied for purposes other than just cosmetic services. For those who have to deal with excessive sweating, Botox is usually applied to the blocking of sweat glands temporarily. Moreover, as a result of it, the migraines can be treated and muscle tension can be released which reduces the load on the nervous system. Botox can also contribute to patients who often suffer from depression.

Botox will form expressionless and frozen appearances.

Botox makes one look wonderful, and yes, emotions can be expressed more beautifully by the person if Botox is done in the right way. Each individual is taken care of equally. In this case, the therapy simply relaxes the muscle at the injection area and the full range of facial expressions are visible.

Botox is unhealthy, poisonous, and not safe for use.

If Botox has been in daily use as a treatment for many different conditions for almost two decades, it has accumulated a lengthy safety record. Over the past 42 years, more than 16 million operations have been accomplished since it was first introduced. Yet, no short-term side effects have ever been discovered in patients even who have been injected more than 30 times in 9 years. Botox has been trendy and it has helped to gain a younger look in people.

Some Myths of Botox

Skincare routines and follow-up appointment details are provided to the clients with proper instructions. Open communication is promoted during the recovery phase.

Your Journey to Timeless Beauty We offer flexible documentation processes with virtual consultations and transparency throughout the process. After the consult, a comprehensive treatment plan is provided, with recommended procedures, expected results, a range of complementary treatments, and financial advice to help make informed decisions. In addition to the stigma, pre-treatment care, and lifestyle changes are provided. Follow-up follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor progress and ensure optimal satisfaction.

Consultation and Booking

At Sunface Medical Center, we believe in facilitating seamless communication to ensure your journey to timeless beauty is smooth and personalized. Our contact center is your dedicated point of contact with our experienced staff, to get information, arrange consultations, and address any questions you may have.

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