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There are many doctors and clinics offering liposuction in Dubai, but there's no question that the best in the city is American Board Certified and award-winning body sculpting specialist, Dr Abbas Ashrafzadeh, who has actually been awarded by His Highness Sheikha Moza Al Maktom for his patient care and treatment.    What is liposuction? A common fat removal surgery that can be used to reshape specific areas of the body, liposuction offers an answer to those stubborn areas of fat that just won't shift. It is performed under anaesthesia and can take between 15 minutes and 2 hours.    Sunface Medical Centre offers some of the most advanced liposuction techniques in Dubai, with our experts offering liposuction of the chin, cheeks, chest, ankles and calves, buttocks, hips, upper arms, abdomen, waist, inner knees, and thighs.    How long will the recovery take? If the procedure is performed under

Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as "a nose job", is a surgical procedure that alters the shape of the nose. This can be for medical purposes, such as to correct breathing problems related to the nose, or for cosmetic reasons. Reduction rhinoplasty will reduce the size of the nose, or specific parts of the nose, whereas augmentation rhinoplasty increases the size of the nose or enhances specific parts of the nose. Your nose is one of your most prominent facial features, so if you are interested in rhinoplasty it is vitally important to find the best surgeon to perform the procedure so that you can be assured of the results you want. First and foremost, you should ensure that the surgeon is appropriately qualified and has plenty of experience in performing the procedure you are interested in. Additional indicators of expertise may

A popular treatment for effective, long-lasting hair removal, Laser Hair Removal involves the use of a fine beam laser light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The light converts to heat, damaging the hair follicle so that the hair falls out. Laser Hair Removal is a safe and well-sought out procedure. However, the main question for many people is: how long will the results last? We answer this question here, as well as giving you information on the various types of laser treatments out there. Is laser hair removal permanent? No. The hair will grow back, but it will be thinner than previously. In many cases, the regrowth is so minimal that there's no need to shave or use other forms of hair control, as the fresh hairs are virtually unnoticeable. Different lasers tend to give similar results We use

Lip fillers have clearly become extremely popular. Thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga, the rise of people opting to plump their pout with temporary lip fillers has skyrocketed. But even though lip fillers aren’t exactly permanent, getting it done is still a big deal and there are definitely things to know before deciding that it's something you want to do. Pros and cons of getting lip fillers A lot of people worry that they will be stuck with lips they hate! Don't be. The treatment is temporary and can be fully tailored to you, ensuring you are delighted with the results. Also, as this is a quick and non-invasive treatment, you don't have to worry about any scars aside from a little bit of swelling post-treatment. However, if you get your lip fillers done by doctors who aren’t certified, the

If you're one of the many people who would like more even, well-spaced teeth but are concerned about visible braces, wires and other orthodontic aids, Invisalign could be the perfect alternative. Invisalign invisible braces provide the results you could expect from traditional braces, but are made of transparent plastic. This means they're virtually undetectable when you wear them. If you're considering Invisalign, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits: - Clear plastic trays mean that Invisalign usually goes unnoticed once in position. There are no wires or bars. - Invisalign can be removed to perform dental hygiene tasks, in comparison with braces, which are fixed into position. - The lack of wires make Invisalign aligners less likely to rub gums or the inside of the mouth, making them more comfortable to wear. - As Invisalign starts to work, you can expect to enjoy